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Bespoke Beauty

March 24, 2016

Bespoke beauty is all about individuality.  It allows consumers to purchase products that can be individually adapted or formulated to suit their skin and requirements. Whether it’s embraced through makeup or skincare products, bespoke beauty and individuality are becoming more closely linked than ever before. Aggressive campaigns like “You Be You” and “Worn My Way” only intensify the prevailing trend for customised solutions.  


So why is the retail market dominated by a “one size fits all” blanket approach that consists of “do it all” products? Is this really a better option for consumers or just another trick to lure consumers into buying products that are potentially not right for them with results that are far from great?  


There is no such thing as a “one size fits all”. We should know this by looking at our body shapes and skin tone. Just like fingerprints, every skin tone is different with its own set of needs which change over the various stages of our lives.  

In the past, beauty brands offered products for skin categories like dry, oily and combination skin because they were limited by old technology. This blanket approach of stereotyping skin is no longer acceptable because it's incapable of treating individual skin needs.  


The same technology has also limited makeup brands in their base offerings by categorising consumers into pre-made shades of yellow, pink and neutral undertones. There are thousands of skin tones in the world and it’s impractical to stock pre-made shades that match each and every skin tone. 


All the hours spent self-diagnosing or filling out generic “find your shade” questionnaires through the internet or listening to opinions at the beauty counter has clearly confused us. Perhaps this is why we are seeing so many wearing incorrectly matched foundation and lots of people with over sensitized skin? It should be more simple than this.


Consumers should no longer be satisfied into thinking of their skin as a stereotype (dry to normal, combination, yellow undertone) when they have access to higher-efficacy alternatives with a personal touch. While bespoke beauty is not an entirely new concept in beauty therapy and skincare, technology has advanced so much that makeup brands have embraced customised products into their innovation strategies. For example, our exclusive Made to Order Program consists of technology “smart” enough to identify each consumer’s skin tone so that we are able to formulate healthy skin products based on their skin tone’s digital signature (refer to SKIN TONE’S DIGITAL SIGNATURE).


The hair care market even offers clients take home tailored treatments after appointments to combat individual hair woes. And why buy the same fragrance as someone else when you can now choose a base fragrance and give it a twist with your personalised fragrance 'shot’? 


Customisation works because it only uses “tailored for me” services or formulation backed by technology that is going to make a difference, nothing more. With all this new technology available there is no reason why a consumer cannot apply products customised for their skin.  


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