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Valentine's Day Makeup

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your loved one or having dinner with friends, standing out on the most romantic day of the year is the perfect excuse to up your makeup game. One of the most important things to remember on Valentine’s Day is that your natural beauty and confidence should shine through so don’t wait until the night before the day to start your beauty prep countdown.


While booking spa appointments a few days before is recommended, it's not always an option so here are a few beauty tricks you can try at home.

Touchable Skin. Drink plenty of water as soon as possible before the day to clear your skin. Give yourself a facial, exfoliate your face and body. Don’t forget to moisturize and wear sunscreen (especially if you're in summer) to avoid looking sunburnt on the day.

Healthy Diet. A healthy glowing complexion relies heavily on what you eat. From wrinkle-fighting antioxidants in fruits and vegetables to hydrating healthy fats in fish, food is just as important to your skin as it is to your waistline.

Kissable Lips. Invest in a lip scrub or make one yourself by mixing a small amount of sugar with olive oil to create a paste. This will buff away dry patches and help lip color apply better. Always apply lip balm after exfoliation to keep them soft.

Wax. Depilate. Shave. You want to be smooth and silky all over, which means getting some waxing or shaving done especially the upper lip and legs. It’s best to wax a few days beforehand to allow any redness to go.

Silky, Soft Hair. Gorgeous hair that frames your beautiful face is always a winner. So just leave hair conditioner on for at least 15 minutes a couple of days prior to Valentine’s Day.

Fresh Nails. You speak with your hands so your nails will get noticed and while there is something timeless about red nails, they are harder to maintain leading up to the day. Try a French manicure for a fresh polished look or if it’s a night out with friends go bold and have some fun.


The best Valentine’s Day look is the one that allows your personality and natural beauty to shine through. If you have all day to get ready then trial your makeup a few times to see which one enhances your natural beauty the most and works with what you’re wearing.

If you don’t have a lot of time or running directly from the office to your date, don’t worry! Simply focus on using the products that matter the most and create a softer look for Valentine’s Day -- simple and fresh. If you’re just spending a night out with friends try something bold and have fun.

To get you started we have provided a look that shows off touchable, radiant skin with a little playfulness and soft smoky eyes. Seal the date with hint of gloss.


Start with prepping your skin with PRIMUS™ DUAL CONTROL PRIMER to minimize pores and help your makeup last longer. Then apply a small amount of EDEN HYDRA SHEER FOUNDATION. Dab a small amount at center of face and blend outwards across the face. Conceal any blemishes or dark circles with MATRIX CONCEALER for a natural almost undetectable result.


First apply eye primer to prevent fallout and creasing. With a small brush apply the lightest nude shade over entire lid as a base. Then pick up a mid-shade ie soft taupe and sweep inwards from the outer edge of the eyes across the socket area, blending off at the inner corners of eyes.

Lastly, sweep the darkest shade ie dark taupe or slate across upper lash line to accent the Outer V, blending well into your mid-shade. Sweep lightly underneath bottom lash line stopping at the center of eyes to blend into your Outer V. With a black eyeliner, line along upper and lower lash lines for more definition. Don’t forget to fill in your brows, curl lashes and apply mascara.


Contour is not simply carving a harsh line into the hollows of your cheekbone with any dark shade. It’s more about creating synergy where there is a perfect balance of skin that's not too flat with beautiful defined features and natural looking contours. To avoid your date focusing on unnatural streaks of contour, keep contour and shading minimal or try colorless contouring. This contour technique is used to structure the face and define features using natural shadows and complementary shades that mimic your natural beauty. Avoid hard edges by using a stipple brush in circular motions.


The red lip look is always a favorite because Valentine’s Day is about kissing someone but remember to keep the rest of your makeup minimal for a well-balanced look. For those that find wearing bright red lipstick is too high maintenance, try sweeping a soft red gloss across your lips or keep the lips natural with a dab of gloss at the center of your lips to create a fuller pout.


Luscious, romantic waves always work for those with long hair. Add a weightless mousse to wet hair to bring out its natural bounce, then dry your hair with a diffuser or let it air dry. Avoid too much hairspray as flowing hair is better than over styled stiff hair. If time is an issue, don’t rush to create an elaborate hairstyle. Go for a carefree, messy bun, as it's quick, easy and gives you a sexy, tousled look and you can create it with short or long hair.

Step 1: Make a small bun.

Step 2: Double the bun (Skip this step if you have shorter hair. Instead twist and tuck the loose ends into your hair tie above the bun, creating a mini bun on top)

Step 3: Twist and tuck loose ends into hair tie.

Step 4: Pull and tug bun to add volume.

Step 5: Secure loose and floppy bun pieces with bobby pins.

Step 6: Pull and tug crown to add volume.