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Reapplying sunscreen after makeup

While most of us already apply sunscreen every morning before makeup, how many actually remember to reapply it throughout the day?

When it comes to sunscreen, less is not more. After two hours in the sun the skin literally "uses up" the active ingredient in sunscreen over time, and may not even last that long as our own natural sebum can cause sunscreens to break down. Depending on how much oil your skin produces, and how much UV exposure you're getting, the length of SPF protection will differ for everyone. The only way around this is to reapply sunscreen again and again.

However, when you’re already wearing makeup, reapplying sunscreen every two hours can be a challenge. It’s not always possible to wash your face every time and start your daily beauty routine all over again. So how do we protect our skin all day without messing up our makeup? The trick is to plan your overall beauty routine based on the events of the day. Anything that goes on your skin needs to benefit it – in this case, wearing skincare and makeup that includes sun protection even while you’re at the office or in the car.


On a typical day most of us will be walking to our car, driving to the store or standing in the sun waiting for transport. So your skin will require daily sun protection and there’s no easier way to ensure you’re wearing sunscreen than by applying a daily moisturizer with SPF. Thanks to advancements in skincare technology, you can find a formula light enough to wear underneath makeup that won’t leave a greasy residue or appear shiny.

Always choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type and allow it to sink into your skin and completely dry before applying makeup.


Makeup isn’t about just covering up; it’s about delivering optimal performance. There are healthy skin makeup formulas available that offer SPF without compromising the longevity and performance levels in makeup. The aim is to select products that you need to get the look you want to achieve but to also find ones that include sunscreen and easy to reapply during the day.

PRIMER - After skincare, prime your skin before makeup application. Primers like our PRIMUS™ SUPER ACTIVE PRIMER improve the skin texture to help makeup apply more easily and also provide another layer of sun protection. Allow primers to completely dry before applying the rest of your makeup.

FOUNDATION - Choose a foundation with SPF that is lightweight because you will be reapplying it again. If your skin tends to “eat up” your foundation, you can switch to a tinted sunscreen or corrective primer. To touch up throughout the day, gently pat or stipple a layer of foundation over the face (don’t rub).

POWDER SUNSCREEN - When it comes to reapplying sunscreen, always choose a physical block like powder sunscreen or powdered foundation that includes SPF rather than a chemical one. Makeup leaves a film or residue on the skin’s surface so chemical sunscreens can’t be properly absorbed. Physical sunscreen will be more effective because it creates a barrier to UV radiation, as opposed to the filter created when chemical sunscreen is absorbed into the skin.

Powder sunscreens go on like powder foundation and are translucent so they won’t alter your foundation color. Just like other setting powders, it can be layered over makeup and reapplied several times a day to refresh your look and top up your sun protection levels. To apply this product effectively, pick up powder with a large powder or stipple brush and lightly move the brush in circular motions evenly across the entire face.

SPF SETTING SPRAY - Just like other makeup setting sprays, SPF-infused sprays can be used as a quick reapplication fix. These sprays can be used over finished makeup to help lock makeup in place for hours whilst your skin is protected from UV rays. SPF-infused sprays are similar to clear sunscreen sprays but usually have more skin benefits and a matte finish.


Application is just as important as choosing the right products. This means that your products should work well together. For example, are you layering a sunscreen lotion over powder makeup? It’s best to avoid layering lotions over powder as lotions can drag and cake up powder makeup. Try using a powder sunscreen or SPF spray over powder makeup.

While reapplying sunscreen is important, it’s also very easy to over apply products. In our attempts to stay protected from the sun, we tend to layer a multitude of products containing different SPF levels all at once. Unfortunately, combining products with different SPF levels doesn’t increase the sun protection factor. You will only be protected by the highest SPF you have applied.

For example, if you apply a moisturizer with SPF 20, a sunscreen with SPF 30 and then a foundation with SPF 15 you won’t get SPF 65 protection, only 30.

All day sun protection really comes down to the SPF amount used, where it is applied and how many times you reapply it throughout the day. Always wear sun protective clothing for added protection.