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Smudged Eyeliner

One little line can transform your makeup look in a big way. Not only does eyeliner make the lashes appear thicker but it’s also the fastest way to really define the eyes. From eyeliner basics to the classic cat eye, eyeliner will always be trendy. But what if winged lines and precision is not your style? Then the smudged, slightly lived-in eyeliner look is for you.

The smudge eyeliner look is generally regarded as a good starting place for people new to eyeliner because it does not require the same precision as creating a smooth line. It can be worn during the daytime or darker around the eyes at night. The best part about this technique is that it’s quick to do and doesn't have to look perfect every single time.

There are several ways to achieve a smudged eyeliner look but the best methods differ for everyone. The exact method of putting on eyeliner varies from person to person. Also, some eyeliners are easier to smudge than others or easier to remove if you mess it up the first time. However, below is our quick way to rock eyeliner without looking too made up and no eyeshadows needed.


EYE PRIMER – Apply eye primer to give your eye makeup something to stick to and help product stay fresher longer. Always wait for your primer to completely dry before starting your eye makeup.

POWDER EYELINER PENCIL - This is usually a dual ended eyeliner and perfect for creating smudgy, lived-in eye looks. The pencil’s unique formula draws a soft powdery line. The sponge tip end blends and diffuses the color.

GEL EYELINER – This eyeliner is the ultimate smooth, easy to apply eyeliner and especially soft to apply on the inner rims for more definition.

MASCARA – Optimize a lived-in eye look with a few layers of mascara. Choose a mascara wand that is fat or a double-V-shaped brush to lift lashes and coat them from root to tip.

BROW PENCIL – To complete any look, always groom brows with a brow pencil and brow brush. Set brow hairs in place with a brow setting gel.

FINISHING POWDER – To help set your eye makeup in place and prevent slippage, apply with a small shadow brush over lids and underneath lower lash line.

SMALL SHADOW BRUSH OR COTTON TIPS – For smudging, blending and extending the eyeliner.


Most makeup artists recommend placing your elbow on a surface and then leaning your hand against your face. Choose whatever method is best for you, even if it means standing in front of a mirror with no elbow or hand support.

1. Starting from outer corner, draw POWDER EYELINER PENCIL generously inwards along top lid.

2. Once the line is drawn, gently smudge the color with the sponge tip from lash line up towards crease line. Used either a cotton tip or shadow brush to smooth out the edges a bit. For more

drama extend the liner out at the corners.

3. Next line along lower lash line, smudge line with a small shadow brush or dampen a cotton tip and smudge the product down and away from the lower lash line, blinking generously to encourage the product to achieve some natural ‘slide’. Sometimes if you squeeze your eyes tightly together, the liner will smudge and run just a little for a more artistic smudgy look.

4. Set with some FINISHING POWDER by lightly dusting over eye products with a small brush.

5. Line inner rims with GEL EYELINER for more definition.

6. Apply MASCARA to lashes as desired.

7. Fill in and define brows with BROW PENCIL.