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Skin Tone Code

When it comes to foundation or concealer, we have all heard the term, “a perfect match” but what does it really mean?

The first step towards achieving a perfect match in its truest form is to know what your skin tone color and skin type is. Then you must apply products that accurately match your skin color whilst attending to your skin type needs. If your products do not work harmoniously together or mimic the way your natural skin tone looks, your skin will never feel or look natural creating a whole lot of unwanted issues when the wrong shades are applied. A perfect match requires a lot more than simply buying a pre-made shade and slathering it all over your face.

There are over 9,000 different skin tones in the world, each with its own set of needs that change over the various stages of our lives. Unless a brand uses proper color matching technology or stocks pre-made shades for every skin tone and skin type in the world, the chances of you finding a perfect match in pre-made products are fairly slim.

This is why at EVE Custom Cosmetics it was important for us to not only focus our attention in offering color accurate “made to order” shades but also provide different formula options so that each base product is formulated based on a customer’s skin tone and skin type. Customers with a smartphone have access to our color technology so they can purchase a perfect match in its truest form.

SKIN TONE CODE As mentioned earlier, there are over 9,000 different skin tones. To be able to reference each of these skin tones scientifically, we have given each an individual code. This skin tone code basically represents the digital signature of your skin tone color. It is the most convenient and reliable way to get a “perfect match” formulated for you every time you purchase foundation or concealer with us. No bookings required.

A skin tone code can only be assigned to you by our personalized custom color app MY SKIN TONE MATRIX. The app identifies your skin color by scanning the surface of your skin using our scientifically engineered Color Card and advanced auto detect and light sensing features. The Color Card is part of our Sample Kit, which can be ordered via the app.

SKIN TONE SYNERGY By using your skin tone code, MY SKIN TONE MATRIX creates a skin tone matrix of customized products that provide the perfect skin tone synergy. This synergy means that whatever products you purchase from us, they will always match your skin color and harmonize perfectly together. No more “mask like” looks or glowing under eye half-moons that appear when you wear the wrong shade. You can even make adjustments to your shade via the color picker within the app or view previous adjustments in the History section.

UNDERSTANDING YOUR CODE Our skin tone codes are calculated and numerically assigned from EVE Custom Cosmetics’ extensive skin tone color library. A skin tone code has four parts.

PART 1 - The first letter in the code represents the undertone. It will either be Y (Yellow), N (Neutral) or R (Red). For example, a skin tone code starting with “Y” means that a person has yellow undertones or someone with a code starting with “N” means that they have a neutral balance of yellow and red undertones.

PART 2 - The second digit indicates the amount of yellow or red in the skin. The higher the number, the more yellow or red is in the skin. For example, if you have mid yellow undertones you would be “Y2” or a “R4” if you have a lot of red in your skin. “Y1” or “R1” would indicate slightly yellow or slightly red but almost neutral.

PART 3 - The next two digits calculate how light or dark the skin is. These results range between 30 and 90, the lower the number, the darker (or more tanned) the skin is. For example, your skin in winter could be “66” but tans to a darker “60” during summer.

PART 4 - The final letter represents the color intensity in the skin. Your color will range between “A” (grey) and “Q” (full color tone). For example, fair skin would be closer towards “A” and sun kissed skin would be closer to “N”.

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