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Shimmer Eye Makeup

Is there such a thing as too much shimmer even during festive season? Like most makeup looks, too much of any makeup product including glittery or metallic shadow can look overdone.

Shimmers and metallics can be both delicate and dramatic — it all depends on the application. For example, if we dampen our shadow brush we can intensify the shimmer level dramatically. It’s also important to make sure your shimmers play nicely together and don’t clash with the rest of your makeup.


To know how much shimmer you can get away with generally boils down to the occasion. Too much shimmer can make you look like a tinsel-covered Christmas tree whilst too little can get lost on a big night out. For daytime: Try keeping shimmer to a light wash across the lids and well below the brow bone. Balance the shimmer out by keeping the rest of the face neutral.

A big night out: A bold rock star look would demand more creativity and a bolder application of more than one shade and plenty of blending.


It's always a good idea not to use too many shades. The idea around shimmer is no different from any other eye look, and that is to accentuate not dominate the rest of your makeup. Make sure your shimmers play nicely together by sticking to one or two shades and avoid overusing loud shades or creating a rainbow effect of shades. Shadows with a smooth metallic sheen and less glittery pigment tend to be easier to control and trendy. The best shades will suit your eye shape and your dress.


The right prep can make all the difference and will bring the best out of your shimmer.

Before shadow application we recommend using primer specifically designed for the eyelid because face primers are not designed for the delicate eye area and end up being too heavy on the eyelid. Not only will priming your eyes help your shadow last longer, but it also keeps the colors looking vibrant. Some primers will magnetize shadows to the eyelid, which is what you need for shimmery eye looks.


While more dramatic looks demand shimmer to be taken high above the eye crease, this is not recommended for every day. Shimmers are known to highlight wrinkles, fine lines and even puffy lids, and why most experts do not recommend them for older women. However, shimmer should always be kept to an area that doesn’t highlight what you are trying to hide, regardless of age.


One of the most common mistakes when creating shimmery looks is forgetting to balance the shimmers out. Failing to do this can make your shimmer look garish and dated. To keep your shimmer looking cool and modern, always balance out the bold textures of shimmery shadows. You can do this by blending out the shimmer with a matte neutral shade to soften the makeup.


Day or night, when you wear shimmery makeup it’s important not to over-accessorize your outfit. If you rock a silver or gold eye, you will still attract enough attention wearing a neutral blouse, understated jewelry and sleek straight hair. Statement necklaces, big earrings and leather leggings are all great pieces for another day.


One of the most common eye makeup crimes is trying to recreate a shimmery or glossy eye look that you see in magazines. It’s important to note that to achieve the same shimmery looks, one needs a standby makeup artist, a great photographer with plenty of studio lighting and hours of photo editing.