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Pastel Makeup

One of the most asked about questions during warmer months is -- are pastel hues only suitable for pre-teens and the runway? Definitely not. Women of all ages can conquer the softer, dreamy shades of the spectrum and it’s the easiest way to transition from spring to summer. There are many ways to make those super-girly shades look romantic and sophisticated.

To master wearing pastel makeup, start with your eyes and keep the focus there. This does not mean applying multiple shades all at once and overwhelming your lids with too much eyeliner. The most flattering way to embrace pastel makeup is by softly sweeping one or two muted shades over the lid and finishing off the look with one coat of mascara. Keep the rest of your face very simple and neutral like soft pinks on the cheeks and a soft or nude lip works best. Still not sure? Below are a few basic tips to help you effortlessly coordinate pastels into your makeup routine.

PRIME EYES The skin around your eyes moves constantly, which can cause shadows to move, crease and fade. When playing with pastels, it’s important to keep your shadows looking fresh and the color looking true for as long as possible. Eye primers will help prevent color fading and provide a good base for you to start with by evening out lid discoloration. If you are using loose powder shadows, you must allow the primer to completely dry before shadow application because powders have a tendency to clump if the lid is not dry.

SHADOW FALLOUT Shadow fallout is when little flakes of shadow fall off and land underneath your eyes and onto your cheeks during shadow application. With pastels this can look overdone and with darker shades will create the appearance of dark circles underneath the eyes. It’s recommended to remove fallout so that your eye area always appears bright, not stained with unwanted color. FRESH SKIN To balance out pastel makeup, always keep your skin fresh, sheer and natural. Choose a foundation that lifts dull complexions like our EDEN HYDRA SHEER FOUNDATION or a tinted primer like AEON COMPLEXION CORRECTING PRIMER. Avoid bronzers or strong contouring products because they can end up looking too retro. If you feel you need some extra coverage, just apply MATRIX CONCEALER on difficult areas.

GROOMED BROWS Impeccably groomed and defined brows are a must when wearing pastels because they keep the focus on your pastel eye makeup. It’s also nice to add a touch of tomboy with the brow. Keep it structured, but not too heavy.

LESS IS MORE When it comes to color selection, less is more. A wash of one shade versus blending multiple shades together creates a soft ethereal look that can be worn even during the day instead of ending up looking clownish. Sometimes the occasion will allow you to play up the same shade on your eyes, lips and cheeks but if you do apply the same shade, make sure you apply it in different textures. For example, a matte pink lid with a shimmery petal pink blush can look gorgeous with a glossy pink lip. However, balance is everything so the focus should always stay on your eyes and the skin kept fresh.

SHADOW PLACEMENT Depending on how comfortable you are with applying eye makeup, it is recommended to start simple and avoid adding too many products in the quest for eye definition. There are many ways pastels can be applied to the eyes but we have provided three popular techniques to get you started.

Lash Line Only: 1) Trace the color along the lash line from the inner corner to the outer corner. 2) Go back over it to make it more intense or diffuse color with an angle brush to make the line more subtle.

Upper Lid Only: 1) When applying your color, start at the lash line, blend upwards with a shadow brush so that the color is diffused over the lid. Make sure to blend color well into inner and outer corners. 2) Repeat for more intensity. 3) Finish with a coat of mascara if you feel that the all over lid application is looking washed out.

Upper & Lower Lids: 1) Apply the shadow all over the lid (extend to brow bone for a modern, bolder look). 2) Sweep the same shadow along the lower lash line. 3) If you want more drama, define your lash line by applying a deeper shade of your shadow or black eyeliner along the lash line. Wing it out for a cat-eye look (optional). Finish off with a sweep of mascara.

LIP COLOR While we have placed a lot of emphasis on the eyes, the right lip color will make or break any makeup look. Pastels can often have a matte finish so play around with different textures and add a gloss over your lipstick for contrast. If you decide on a bold lip color, apply the bulk of the application at the center of the lip and press your lips together so you can see that it’s a vibrant color but not so precise that it’s really severe. It has a subtle punch about it without clashing with your eyes.