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Makeup Primers

We spend so much time deciding what hairstyle and clothes to wear each day, yet skip a simple but most essential step in our makeup routine - applying primer before makeup.

Why is primer so important? Think of your face as a bare canvas that needs prepping and priming before a single drop of makeup is applied. Just like an artist before painting a masterpiece, the canvas surface must be prepared so that it’s even, smooth and well protected. Face primers are designed to prepare the skin in the same way to help foundation apply evenly without streaking. Primers also help makeup last longer and reduce buildup of excessive oil and shine. Not all primer formulas are the same so for a primer to work effectively one should choose a formula with as much diligence as you would any skincare item.


Everyone has different skin types and preferences. What may work on your friends may not work on you so it's recommended to trial a primer over a few days with and without makeup. This usually means going through a couple of primers but the more you trial the happier you will be long term. Typically the right primer is the one best suited to your skin type or performs well underneath your foundation. Some primers are formulated to provide long term skincare benefits. For example:

• Oily Skin – requires a primer that tackles excess oil build up or contains salicylic acid.

• Dry Skin – is best suited to a hydrating formula.

• Sensitive Skin - primer needs to contain an anti-inflammatory ingredient like chamomile or green tea.


Your primer formula is incredibly important because it's your first line of defense against your makeup and skin misbehaving throughout the day. It could suddenly be hotter than usual causing your skin to produce more oil than usual or the air conditioning at the office is drying out your skin and making your makeup look drier than usual. With the right primer formula you are protected from such elements.

There are a few main types of primers: moisturizing, oil absorbing, light-reflecting, color-correcting, and pore-minimizing. To help you find a suitable primer to match your skin type we have provided a quick guide on our primer formulas. You can purchase our primers by downloading MY SKIN TONE MATRIX via iTunes.