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Makeup for Interviews

Achieving the right look for an interview can be a balancing act. You want to let your personality shine without going overboard. So what happens when everyone has a different perception of what makes them look presentable?

As a general rule, it's not recommended to apply the same makeup you wear every day but it's also important to know how far you can go with it. Your goal is to make people remember you and not that crazy blue eyeliner that you decided to wear because you wanted to stand out. This doesn't mean you have to look too conservative or dull either. It’s okay to wear red lipstick to an interview but try a sheer stain or gloss so that the color isn't too intense.


It’s usually a good idea to take into consideration the corporate culture and the position for which you are applying. Try matching your makeup to women who already work within the company or in similar roles by looking at their website or corporate brochures. If you’re still not sure aim for classic, sophisticated makeup and focus on one feature instead of overtly sexy, aggressively trendy or bordering-on-gauche looks.


The last thing you want to look is tired with uneven skin so drink plenty of water the day before to hydrate your skin. Before makeup always prep your skin with a face primer that keeps your skin looking fresh and not oily. Choose a primer like PRIMUS™ DUAL CONTROL PRIMER to reduce enlarged pores and keep unwanted shine away. In brightly lit and air conditioned offices, it’s best to choose a lightweight foundation that isn’t too matte but has very little shimmer. EDEN HYDRA SHEER FOUNDATION provides a natural matte finish that makes your skin look naturally healthy. If you're more on the oily side, STUDIO 6 SHEER MATTE FOUNDATION help absorb excess oil build up without drying the skin. Always add a natural flush of color to your cheeks.


Potential employers will hire someone who is bright-eyed, confident and takes pride in themselves. So it’s important to keep the skin around your eyes looking fresh and free of dark circles. Invest in an eye cream and find an eye primer that evens out eyelid color, moisturizes dry eyelids and reduces puffiness. Eye primer will also help keep eyeshadow in place longer and fresher looking.

Cover up dark circles with very light applications of concealer. Too much product underneath your eyes will only draw unwanted attention to them. It's also extremely important to get the shade right so that your concealer gently brightens the darkness underneath your eyes without leaving strong white half-moons or triangles underneath the eyes caused by the wrong shade. Our MATRIX UNDER EYE CONCEALER is scientifically formulated to correct the look of under eye circles and unwanted shadows while maintaining perfect skin tone matrix synergy.


If you decide to play up your eyes, remember that if it's too dramatic you may send out the wrong message. For example, if you're normally a cat eye girl, try toning it down a bit and draw on a kitten eye instead. This is where you minimize the flick at the outer corner so that it doesn’t extend too far. Remember that balance is key to any makeup look. To avoid looking overdone follow the basic rule - the stronger the eye makeup the softer your lips should be. If you’re not sure stick to classic neutral earthy shades.


Only wear a light dusting of blush because wearing too much at an interview can start looking clownish. We would recommend a neutral, soft-hued blush or one closest to your natural skin color. It allows you to either subtly play up the eyes or lips without looking over the top.


As much as we love bright bold lips, it can be misinterpreted at an interview especially if your lips are too intense. To play it safe go for natural shades to complement your skin tone like nude, soft pink or even a clear gloss are suitable and less distracting. For extra smoothness exfoliate lips the night before.


While the aim is to wear a hairstyle that is comfortable, it should also be neat and stylish. Try sweeping your strands back in a low sleek ponytail or top knot. You could also create a chic French twist or wrap your hair into a low bun. To keep flyaways at bay, spritz on some hair spray, which will keep your hair in place without creating flakes or weird stiffness.


Keep perfume scents fresh and subtle. This is not the time to wear your most alluring come hither fragrance.


Show-stopping neon manicures are trendy, but go for a more natural polished shade. A pinky-tan hue is lovely on all skin tones, and can last a week without chipping. French is always timeless.