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Makeup for Tired Eyes

Tired eyes can mean many things - not enough sleep, incorrect diet, eye strain, allergies and more. Whatever the reason, the best thing to do when getting puffiness or dark circles is not to start applying too much product to the eye area to conceal them.

As much as we like to think of concealer as the “holy grail” of makeup, concealers alone will not make you look beautifully rested. Quite often creating a more wide awake look requires a combination of beauty basics, dietary requirements, choosing the right products and knowing how to apply them correctly.


The female body retains water and when it has an excessive accumulation of fluids in the skin tissue around the eye area, it will cause dark swelling or puffiness. Some reasons for increase fluid buildup around the eyes include:

To find the best long term solution for puffy eyes and dark circles, try identifying and targeting the underlying cause. Sometimes all it takes is adding a few beauty basics to your daily routine or making some changes to your diet. If the cause is hereditary, your eyes may require more than the basic home remedies we have listed below.


While makeup seems the easiest way to conceal dark circles, it’s important to remember that makeup is an illusion that only helps if the right products are applied correctly. For example, improving the appearance of bags and dark circles takes a bit more than just laying down a randomly picked concealer shade. Without the right shade and application, makeup will only draw more attention to tired eyes and fine lines.

Prep Eyes

Prep and priming the eye area is important because too much moisture around the eye will make it hard for concealer to adhere to but dryness will make applying product difficult and eventually cake. Before applying any makeup make sure eye cream is completely dry and blot away excess moisture around the eye.

Avoid Correctors

Forget everything you know about green, yellow, blue and peach correctors. Did you know that makeup becomes more transparent through the camera lens or in strong lighting, bringing into focus any strong colors ie green or blue that stand out from your natural skin color? Whether you’re a professional or beginner, correctors will always be detected underneath all the layering and blending and not ideal for hiding puffy dark circles. Correctors were introduced at a time when technology was limited and “made to order” concealer shades was not an option. Today anyone can purchase custom shades that are formulated just for them through color expert apps like MY SKIN TONE MATRIX via iTunes.

Applying Concealer

Concealing puffy dark circles is more about the level of coverage that your concealer provides and how well it matches your foundation and fits within your skin tone matrix. Getting it right avoids those dreaded strong white half-moons or triangles that occur underneath the eyes when the wrong shade is applied and also prevents caking when too much product is applied.

Step 1. Pick up a tiny amount of MATRIX UNDER EYE CONCEALER with a concealer brush. This concealer is highly pigmented and formulated specifically in line with your skin tone matrix using the latest in skin color technology for the most natural looking result.

Step 2. Gently dab and press the brightening concealer underneath the lower lash line from corner to corner then downwards into a triangle and over the swollen dark area underneath the eye.

Step 3. Blend out edges with a concealer brush so that the brightening concealer creates the illusion of a brighter, more rested look.

Eye Makeup

Always apply lighter shades to the lid area to create a wide awake look. Keep away from shadows that contain blue hues because they can emphasize dark circles. To instantly brighten up the eyes, apply white or peach shade eyeliner to inner rims and corner of eyes at the tear duct. Sometimes applying lighter eyeliner along the upper lash line helps extremely tired looking eyes.

Arch Your Brows

Take attention away from under eye bags with bold, arched brows that lift the eyes. Use a brow pencil to fill in the brows in feathery strokes. Finish by brushing them out and setting them with a brow gel for a natural-looking finish. For droopy puffy lids, apply nude or lighter shades above the arch of the brows to create the illusion of higher brows, which will open up the eye area.

Curl Your Lashes

This trick seems simple, but it’s often overlooked. Curling your lashes before mascara makes them appear longer, fuller, and—most importantly—makes your eyes appear larger and more open.

Don’t Forget Your Lips

Always apply lipstick in order to focus ones attention on your lips rather than your eyes.

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