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How to Apply Blush

We all love a flawless canvas but without adding color back to your face after foundation and concealer, it can sometimes look flat and a little washed out.

Blush is one of the quickest ways to add color to the face. It can also accentuate your eyes, lift your cheekbones and highlight your skin when applied correctly. However, if the shade is wrong or the blush is placed too low on the cheeks or too close to the nose, it can drag the face down, accentuate sagging and draw attention to smile lines. To avoid blush blunders we have provided some beauty tips.


Certain shades are more harmonious on some skin tones than on others so knowing your skin tone is key to finding a shade that works perfectly for you. Generally, the best shade is one that becomes secondary to your eye makeup or lipstick and appears more as a natural flush to your cheeks.

Fair Skin Tone

Glowing golden and warm hues can work beautifully on fair complexions especially with freckles. Try soft applications of apricot or tawny peaches, golden corals and yellow or gold based reds. These warm shades perfectly play up the warm tones in your skin without clashing with freckles.

Medium Skin Tone

The best blush for neutral to medium skin tones are rosy pinks. Just keep in mind that if you choose a color that is too light it can make you look ashen, anything too dark will make you look clownish. If you do end up applying too much, go in with a powder brush or sponge and roll across the color to pick up some of the excess pigment on the skin.

Dark Skin Tone

Choose colors from rose to deep orange. Shades that are too light will make your skin appear washed out and pale. The goal is to enhance the natural beauty of your skin.


When it comes to blush, placement is very important. The best place to apply blush depends on the shape of your face. Do you have a round, square, heart or oval shaped face? Knowing your face shape will help determine where to start your blush. See our quick guide below.


There isn't one right way to apply blush. Depending on your face shape, there's a way for each of us to get the most out of our blush.

1. Apply over dry foundation. This step is very important because if your foundation is not completely dry your blush will grab and stick to your skin making application very difficult.

2. Keep it natural. Your cheeks should look as if they have a natural flush to them. If you’re not sure, play it safe by choosing a blush shade closest to your skin tone because application errors are easier to correct or hide with more natural shades.

3. Use the right size brush. Don’t use the complimentary brushes that sometimes come with blush compacts. They are too small for your cheek area and make blending very difficult. Large powder brushes are not the best either because they spread the color out too wide and too low. The best size is one slightly smaller than the apples of your cheeks.

4. Where to start your blush. Depending on face shape you might require two fingers. Start blush where your finger rests on the bottom curve of your cheekbone.

5. Don’t smile when applying blush. When you smile your cheeks are higher than they normally are. So applying blush while smiling will always end up lower on your face than it should be.

6. Blend up and out. Whether you’re using a brush or a sponge, use outward blending strokes that go in the direction of your hairline. If you like to apply your blush in circular motions, make sure you swirl back towards your ears rather than down towards your nose. Don’t go too high or you will get a 1980s look.