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Green Eye Shadow

From natural to gorgeous or sexy to glitzy, green shadow can take your eyes to many levels. With the right blending and combination of shades, green can be worn by anyone because it can be paired with almost any color.

When working with green shadows, it’s recommended to apply your eye primer and shadow before the rest of your makeup because green shadows against a fully finished face can be overwhelming. If you apply your eye makeup first, it makes it easier to balance out the rest of your makeup. This step can be extremely handy for most bold eye makeup looks and quite often you will find that you don't need anything more than a sheer foundation or AEON COMPLEXION CORRECTING PRIMER on the rest of the face with a sweep of lip gloss.


It’s best to use green shadows as you would watercolors, not oil paints. Choose one, maybe two places to apply a touch of green because applying it in too many places all at once like the lid and waterline can be heavy handed. Try a pop of green in the outer corners of your eyelids, winging out slightly is just the right amount.

THE RIGHT PAIRING While there are many shades of green on the market, it’s an earthy color so it looks great paired with warm shades (brown, gold, orange) and it also works well paired with bright, floral shades (pink, purple, blue). Our team loves pairing green with brown and gold.

KNOW YOUR SKIN TONE The general rule is that the fairer your complexion, the softer the shadow should be whilst those with medium or darker skin tones should go for darker shades. Here are some suggestions.

DARKER SKIN TONES absorb color so you can get away with using brighter shades of emeralds and evergreens. Depending on your undertones, a matte yellow shadow swept across the eyelid works nicely as a highlighter and offsets the shimmer in pearly green shadows. Just be careful with dark seaweed greens that have a hint of blue, gold and even silver in them as they can appear really blue on dark skin tones. This can make blending out the shadow to diffuse the blue very difficult.

FAIR SKIN TONES will make vivid green shadow look very intense. Softer washes of green are best for fair skinned women. This does not rule out dark greens, they can still be applied but with caution as they will nearly appear almost black on fairer skin. Often makeup artists will let the shadow brush follow the natural contour of the eyes and extend it a little on the outside into a cat-eye. A bit of highlight is usually applied on the inner corners of the eyes to give the cat-eye more intensity.

MID-BASED SKIN TONES mostly bring out the gold in green shadow. If you have mono lids you have to draw a thicker shadow line so that you can see the color when the eye is open. Our makeup artists trace around the green tone with a lighter, grassy shade to make it look more vibrant.

CONSIDER EYE COLOR Your eye color can also influence the best shade for you. For example, if you have green eyes, jade and dark olive shades are beautiful. Dark hunter green shades can make deep blue eyes much brighter, while mossy green accentuates the indigo in the iris of people who have light blue eyes.

STILL NOT SURE? Consider switching your shadow for eyeliner. Apply your daily makeup then try adding a swipe of green eyeliner to the top and below at the base of the lash line. When you blink, a flash of green will appear without it looking overdone.