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Control Shine

Chasing the sun can be fun this season but when the temperature soars it’s a challenge keeping oily skin and shine at bay. Too much shine can draw unwanted attention to areas of your face and cause makeup slippage.

An all-day fresh, no-shine look is not achieved with applying primers and matte foundations or blotting papers alone. Though these are incredibly important to add to your makeup routine, it’s best to target excess shine earlier with an arsenal of oil-controlling cleansers, scrubs and masks.

To get you started, here are few things to keep in mind when looking for products to control shine.

1. CLEANSE with an oil-regulating cleanser that contain ingredients like salicylic acid or purifying clay which will clear pores and stave off excess oil.

2. TONE with a non-alcohol-based or extremely-astringent product to avoid drying out your skin. Products that contain tea tree oil or calendula extract will help balance and matte the skin without stripping all the good natural oils.

3. EXFOLIATE with a gentle scrub to prevent breakouts and prep your skin to make all the oil-controlling products you apply afterward much more effective.

4. MASK applied once a week will help clear pores. This will effectively help shrink them, which will in turn regulate oil production.

5. PRIME your face with a non-drying and most importantly, oil controlling product like our PRIMUS™ DUAL CONTROL PRIMER. It will help minimize pore size and control build up on oil on your face.

6. BLOT with a non-clogging product like blotting paper or finishing powder that doesn’t change the color of your foundation and mattes the skin.

Once you've regulated your routine, you'll soon begin to see improvements in the way your skin glows in just the right places (i.e. not your T-zone). You will also find that makeup sits better and lasts longer when skin is maintained.

There is also an easy makeup technique that one can use to keep shine at bay especially if you intend on being out in the heat for long periods or getting your picture taken. Most people use pore minimizing and oil-control primers underneath makeup but if you have extremely oily skin you may start to shine up within a couple of hours. By stippling the primer on top of the makeup you can diffuse the shine and open pores without disturbing the makeup at all. It’s virtually undetectable to the naked eye and HD camera. Just make sure your primer is SPF-free.