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Brow Shaping

Brows play an essential role in your everyday look because they frame your face and complete your overall makeup look. They also add character to your face so it's extremely important to always keep them well groomed and sculpted in a shape that suits you.

Whether you’re fully embracing the bold brow or just sticking to your bi-weekly eyebrow appointments at the salon, it’s essential to be committed and very cautious when grooming your brows. One or two plucks too many can make or break your entire look so here are some quick tips to maintain the best brow shape all year round.


While catwalks take on totally different brow forms each season; from the color pop to textured brow and the au-natural brow, we can’t stress enough to think more about the shape of your own face, your bone structure and the right brow shades to use. The best brow style for you is the one that is the most natural looking and to achieve this one must first apply the right brow shade.

Your shade should be close to your real hair color but not too close that it appears too dark. For most, brows that are too dark look very unnatural so try a shade lighter or go multi-tonal throughout – from bulb to tip. Blondes should look for the absolute darkest lowlight of their hair, and match that. For blending enthusiasts, the new well-groomed trend is for less of an exaggerated 'drawn-on' bold brow, and more of a natural, “boyish” textured brow that flatters the face.


Brow precision cannot be achieved in a hurry or with poor grooming tools. It’s essential to have good lighting and good brow tweezers. We always recommend stainless steel pointed-slant tip tweezers as other metals, especially nickel have been known to irritate the skin. Like most beauty tools, maintaining your tweezers like cleaning them after every use with alcohol ensures that they perform well for you.

Avoid magnifying mirrors. They tend to play tricks on the eyes and make it look like there's more hair to remove than there really is. Try using a regular mirror in a well lit room and if you can't see stray hairs under these conditions, neither can anyone else. There is a very fine line between a perfectly shaped brow and an overly tweezed brow so if you’re still not sure, try taking a few steps away from the mirror before plucking to see the big picture.


Whether you wax, thread or tweeze, shaping your arches always requires a routine. Not sure what brow shaping schedule to use? Don’t worry, we have provided a guideline to follow:

• Shaping brows is required every 3 to 4 weeks

• Tweezing or plucking regrowth should be done every 2 or 3 days. This maintains the shape without over plucking

• Threading/Waxing should be done every 3 to 4 weeks

• Trimming brows is usually done once a month

• Tinting brows depends on how fast your brows grow. Aim every 4 to 6 weeks

• Treatments to improve hair growth can be done daily but always read instructions

While most prefer waxing or threading to shape brows because it’s fast, plucking is more precise. Tweezers allow you to easily follow the natural bone structure, which is the secret to beautifully shaped brows.

Before plucking, it’s a good idea to measure where your brows should start. Take a thin brush and place it vertically at the edge of the bottom of your nose and see where it lands along your brow line. Your brow should begin where the brush lands but if it doesn’t then it’s best to visit a professional brow artist to get you started.


One of the most common brow mistakes is tweezing every day, over plucking brows or plucking more than one hair at a time creating holes in your brows. You may think you're just cleaning up stray hairs, but in reality you may be removing hairs that are essential to your shape.

If you have gaps in your brows and they are looking sparse, there are a couple of things you can do to make them look thicker and fuller in a hurry. The most instant quick fix is to fill in your brows with a tinted gel or a pencil in light feathery strokes in the right shade. Think of it as a diversionary tactic. If the brow itself is bolder but not blocky, you’re not seeing the strays as much. Just keep in mind that ninety percent of the time, you’re the only one who notices stray hairs so exercise restraint when dealing with strays. After filling in your brows always set them in place with brow gel or wax.

A long term option is applying a brow serum. However, there are a couple things to keep in mind before using brow serums. Generally, these serums will only work on areas where you used to have brow hairs but through some unfortunate accident you were heavy handed in your brow shaping. They are less likely to work on areas where the hair follicle is dead due to years of waxing or ageing.