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Wearing Blue Eye Makeup

There was a time when the brighter the blue, the harder it was to get away with it. However, today it seems that blue eye makeup can be taken to just about any level. When the right application is applied, blue eye makeup can be incredibly striking.

The trick is to choose your blues wisely and know how to balance them out with the rest of your makeup. For example, if you decide to wear a bright blue shadow but don’t want it to clash with the rest of your makeup, it’s recommended to select a matte finish shadow. Frosty or glittery finishes can make balancing out blue shadow with the rest of your makeup almost impossible.

BLUE LINES Whether it’s a thin burst of blue shadow or delicate line drawn along your upper lash line, lining your eyes instead of applying blue shadow across the entire lid offers so much more.

Sometimes the right line of blue can be enough to transform your whole makeup look. This “less is more” approach is also a safe technique to consider especially for those adding blue makeup for the first time.

For a popular chic look, try applying a flash of blue along the upper lash line. If you want to draw more attention to the eyes you have a few options like drawing a cat-eye in electric blue or a double rim look where you line the upper and lower lash lines or the inner waterline. Shading around black eyeliner with a pretty blue can also add more dimension for an edgy look. Another option is to line underneath the lower lash line in blue can look, which looks amazing especially if you have blue eyes.

For blue eyes, it's recommended to avoid too much shadow and keep blue to your lash line only because the liner will make the blue in your eyes pop instead of being lost in blue shadow.

A WASH OF BLUE The aim is to create a subtle, “water color” wash of blue across the lid. Pick a hue that isn’t too bold and blend well to make sure the color is evenly distributed across the entire lid area and into the crease. You can take this wash right up to the brow bone, but be very careful because if your blue is too dark it can make eyes recede if it’s taken above the crease line.

To add more definition, try tightlining over your wash along the upper lash line with a dark blue or black eyeliner. However, if you use black eyeliner, keep the line clean and precise without any added cat-wing.

OUTER V ACCENT This technique is where shadow or eyeliner is used to sculpt or define the “Outer V” or outer edge of the eyes. The aim is to correct one’s eye shape or make the eyes look nearer or further apart. Like the eye crease, the location of one’s “Outer V” is different on everyone but here’s a general guide.

STEP 1: Imagine a line that extends beyond the lower lash line and draw the line towards the brow, careful not to extend beyond the border

STEP 2: Connect with the crease or blend towards the socket line (which is above the fold). Be careful not to blend the “Outer V” inwards too much, stop somewhere before reaching the middle of the lid

Defining the “Outer V” generally comes down to personal preference. If you want to apply blue to the “Outer V” to create an ultra-modern look, focus on just defining the “Outer V” area rather than re-sculpting the whole eye shape in blue.

For an ultra fun and youthful look, try dusting a little blue shadow just at the “Outer V” or for a bolder accent, draw a small tick with electric blue eyeliner at the outer edges. Another technique to create a bolder “Outer V” is lightly rimming blue shadow along the lower lash line and blending it off at the center of the eyes.

COMBINE WITH NEUTRALS A good way to ease into blue is by combining it with a neutral palette. Blue shadows can end up looking more intense on different skin tones so sweeping a neutral shade across a bright blue will offset the brightness of the blue. It will also add the necessary contrast to balance out the rest of your eye makeup. If you’re not concerned about the intensity of blue on your lids, create an edgy look by blending and sculpting it into a brown or bronze shade.

SMOKEY BLUE While softer pops of blue work beautifully during the day time, it’s always nice to play with color in the evening. A slate blue smokey eye with a sultry twist is always flattering. Even a classic smokey eye with a pop of blue at the center of the lid or a blue dot at the inner corner of the eye will catch the magic of the night.

To create a slate blue smokey eye you will need the following:


- Shadow Brush - Matte White Shadow - Dark Blue or Slate Shadow - Light Frosty Blue Shadow - Silvery White Shadow

STEP 1: Pick up a white matte shadow with a shadow brush and sweep over entire eye area as a base. Don’t extend this shade out too far.

STEP 2: Start at the outer edge of the eye, lightly sweep a dark blue or slate shadow back across the lid. Blend inwards, stopping at the center of the lid. Repeat underneath bottom lash line stopping at centre of the eye to complete smokey effect

STEP 3: Start at the inner corners of eyes. Blend a light frosty blue shadow into the dark blue shadow then well into socket line. Stop at the center of the lid. Repeat underneath eye under the dark blue shadow

STEP 4: Apply a silvery white shadow to the inner corners of the eyes for brighter eyes. Also sweep lightly underneath eyes. Blend a small amount over socket area to blend all the shadows together.

THE REST OF YOUR MAKEUP If you're opting for blue eye makeup, keep the rest of your makeup minimal. Pair each look with soft cheeks, a nude lip shade and a hint of gloss to balance out bold eye makeup perfectly. Avoid orange red on lips, they'll not only compete with your bold eyes, but the colors could clash.

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