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Beauty Prep for Spring

Seasonal changes in temperature, humidity and sun can dramatically alter the way our skin behaves and looks. It’s during these changes that skin can break out and makeup doesn't seem to perform very well. The trick is to make some smart changes to your beauty routine and focus on getting your skin in the best condition before temps begin to soar.


Applying sunscreen every day is just the beginning. A few weeks before the season changes, start swapping out heavy more sumptuous skincare creams for lightweight, oil-free and deep cleansing products that don’t strip moisture from your skin.

Deep Cleanse. As the warm weather kicks in, your pores will begin to open. This is when dirt, sweat and makeup gets trapped inside and clogs your pores. Switch to a cleanser that deeply cleanses without stripping away essential oils in your skin.

Toner. If your skin is extremely oily, sometimes a post-cleanse toner is required to treat oil prone areas like your forehead, nose and chin.

Exfoliate. The combination of dead skin building up on the surface of your skin and wearing daily sunscreen can quickly lead to blocked pores and breakouts. This is when weekly exfoliation is essential to keep your skin smooth and bump free. Be careful not to over exfoliate as it can make your skin sensitive to the sun.

Moisturize. Even though our skin feels oily during the warmer months, we still need to keep it properly hydrated with an oil-free moisturizer. Skip the night cream as it will be too heavy during warmer months. If more moisture is still required, switch to a lightweight serum.


Once the humidity sets in and the sunrays get stronger, oil builds up and makeup slippage occurs. By applying an oil-free primer before makeup you create a smoother surface for easier makeup application. Primer also controls excess oil and shine and helps makeup stay fresher longer. We have recommended the following for spring and summer.


It’s important to apply daily sunscreen. There are two types of sunscreen, chemical and physical, and they work in different ways.

Chemical sunscreens are generally oil free and feel light and matte on the skin. They work by absorbing and dispersing the UV rays. This means that you need to apply them first to dry clean skin and usually can be found in a daily SPF moisturizer. Some face primer products like PRIMUS™ SUPER ACTIVE PRIMER also provide protection.

Physical sunscreens should be applied last, after all your other skincare products because it is thicker in texture, harder to blend and usually applied all over the body. The ingredients in these sunscreens act as a shield to physically reflect UVA and UVB rays away from our skin. Tends to leave a white cast or tint on skin so not recommended to put on top of makeup but once it’s on you are immediately protected.


Your skin changes season to season so it’s important to switch formulas and update your foundation shade to match the skin tone you have now. Even with incidental sun exposure you can tan at least one shade deeper during the warmer months making last season’s shade appear too light or like you’re wearing a mask.

Fortunately, with our skin color expert app MY SKIN TONE MATRIX you can find out what your skin tone color is. First the app scans your skin to identify your skin tone color then it assigns you with a code. With a skin tone code you can purchase a customized shade that is formulated based on your skin tone color. Download the app for free via iTunes.

During warmer months it’s recommended to choose a lightweight, oil-free foundation formula that has a natural matte finish rather than dewy to avoid looking too oily and shiny on a sunny day. STUDIO 6 SHEER MATTE FOUNDATION or EDEN HYDRA SHEER FOUNDATION are popular because they are suitable for normal to sensitive skin and leave a natural matte finish that's buildable to provide the desired coverage. They are also “made to order” and formulated to match your individual skin tone so you never wear the wrong foundation shade.

When coverage isn’t an issue try wearing our “made to order” AEON COMPLEXION CORRECTING PRIMER. It’s designed to reduce discoloration, balance out moisture levels and improve overall texture of the skin.