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Beauty Basics

Do you have a cosmetic bag that's overflowing with products that you never use? It’s time to think about what products you really need to complete your daily beauty routine. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced beauty expert, it's important to know the bare basics of grooming and makeup application before rushing out and buying products.


Personal grooming does not mean applying loads of makeup, spending exorbitant amounts on product and wearing expensive clothes. Knowing the fundamentals in beauty and applying them consistently every day is key to an overall beautiful look. Sometimes creating a small easy-to-follow cheat sheet like the one below can help keep you on track.

1. Skincare – The secret behind flawless looking skin starts with achieving optimal skin health. Makeup can only do so much and the rest always shows through. A healthy diet with heaps of water and good skin care regimen (ie cleanser, weekly exfoliation, masks and moisturizer) will help provide a canvas suitable for makeup application. To slow down the ageing process get plenty of sleep, apply eye creams and sunscreen every day.

2. Eyebrow Maintenance – Your eyes tell us who you are and eyebrows frame your eyes so having them beautifully shaped will show off your eye makeup. If you choose not to get them professionally done, try plucking the strays underneath the brows with tweezers. Avoid over plucking as it’s harder to fix errors and even out sparse brows.

3. Hairstyles – Sometimes we just don’t have time to style our hair so stick to a simple style like a sleek ponytail. Not only is this timeless but will allow more time for you to focus on a fresh makeup look. To keep your hair healthy and flowing try sleeping with leave-in conditioning treatments and refrain from drying out your hair with hair dryers and curling irons.

4. Healthy Nails – We talk with our hands so clean well-kept nails are important. While painted red nails look great when leaving the nail spa, it's always very hard to maintain and chips quickly. Chipped nail polish can also send out the wrong message so stick to a basic French manicure where chipping is less noticeable.


The first thing to keep in mind is that less is actually more and this applies to all ages. Next, focus on makeup that enhances your natural beauty. Don’t think about looking perfect, this is an extremely difficult look to achieve even for professional makeup artists and you could fall into the common trap of wearing too much makeup. If you can get away with applying two to three products each day then you have definitely mastered the basics in makeup essentials.

Find out what natural features make you look special and work with them. Choose colors that work best with these features and not ones that overshadow the real you. Not sure? Take a few photos and see what brings out your best features the most and lets your natural radiance still shine through.

1. Prepping the face - This is an extension to your skincare routine. Always use a face primer to create an even surface for your foundation. Primers also keep your makeup looking fresher longer. It’s important to choose a primer that is formulated to suit your skin type. For example: PRIMUS™ ULTRA HYDRATING PRIMER is perfect for skin needing more hydration.

2. Fresh faced – Does not necessarily mean wearing no makeup, it means using makeup strategically and only applying it on areas where you need it. For example, one “dip” of foundation on a brush should pick up enough product to dot on the nose, cheeks, forehead, upper lip and chin. Blend evenly from nose to outer areas of the face until your foundation seems to disappear. Remember, concealer will cover the blemishes so it’s not necessary to layer on huge amounts of foundation to hide them. If your foundation still seems to be sitting on the surface of your skin you have the wrong shade or have applied too much.

3. Blemishes – Can be concealed before or after foundation. While it comes down to personal preference, we always recommend applying liquid formulas first to know truly what still remains after foundation is applied. Sometimes foundation is all you need. For powder formulas it’s best to apply concealer first. Concealers should always match your skin tone or foundation shade so download MY SKIN TONE MATRIX via iTunes to get both foundation and concealer shades formulated especially to match you.

4. Mascara - Is a subtle way to enhance your natural beauty and frame your eyes in a quick and easy way. Think of it as the “little black dress” of makeup products. Wiggle the mascara wand into the roots of the lashes then pull through to create a foundation for the lashes to sit upright. If your lashes are already black, skip the mascara and just curl lashes for a natural lift to the eye.

5. Youthful looking lips - Even if you decide not to wear makeup, a quick sweep of lip gloss can be enough to achieve a youthful modern look. Keep lips well moisturized and exfoliate them at least monthly to remove dead skin from them.