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Lipstick Finishes

Lipstick may be one of the most sought after products in the beauty industry but sometimes it can be difficult to find the right one because there are so many things to consider. While lip color is important, finding the right finish is just as important. We all have different lip shapes that require different finishes and if we get it wrong your lipstick can draw unwanted attention to your face.

Knowing the shape of your lips and the condition of them is a good place to start when selecting a lipstick finish. Some finishes have added benefits to maintain the condition of your lips. For example, if you tend to have dry lips, you may want to choose a moisturizing lipstick. While this type of lipstick may need to be reapplied more often than others, it will be formulated to keep your lips soft. If you want to add volume to your lips, you would suit a liquid or glossy finish to give the illusion of fuller lips.

Lifestyle also plays an important part in what lipstick finish is best for you. Different finishes need more attention than others. So if you are time poor you should choose a lipstick finish that is convenient and doesn’t require a great deal of prepping before lip color application or regular touch-ups.

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