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Foundation to Suit You

We all want healthy looking skin that requires little or preferably no makeup at all but this can be hard to achieve when most of us don’t have naturally great skin. Whether it’s with skincare or makeup, we have all needed help with our skin at some stage in our lives.

The entire art of perfecting your skin with foundation ultimately comes down to how well you know your skin and individual needs. Is your skin oily or dry? What is your skin tone? Does the occasion call for a camera ready or natural look? How much time do you have to apply your makeup each day? As you can see, there are many things to consider before selecting a foundation.

THE RIGHT FORMULA We are all different with individual skin tones and personal needs, which change over the various stages of our lives. So it’s important not to settle for a “one size fits all” formula. Different foundation formulas target different skin conditions, suit different occasions and create different finishes.To determine which formula will perform the best for you, first ask yourself the following:

Once you know your skin type and the coverage that you need to create your makeup look, you are ready to select a formula. EVE Custom Cosmetics have a “made-to-order” foundation range that is formulated based on individual skin tones whilst maintaining the health of different skin types. This means no more pre-made shades. No more “mask-like” looks. When customers purchase from us, every foundation product is made just for them to make sure they always wear a “perfect match” in its truest form.

Another thing to remember is that foundation always looks 150 per cent better with primer because it helps your foundation glide on smoother and stay in place longer. You spend so much time creating makeup looks so it’s worthwhile investing in a good formula that works well with your foundation. By downloading our MY SKIN TONE MATRIX you can find out more about our primer and foundation formulas.

FINDING THE RIGHT SHADE To make your skin look naturally flawless you need to find a foundation shade that mimics your natural skin. This takes more than a quick trip to your local department store and grabbing any foundation off the shelf. Did you know that there are over 9,000 skin tones in the world? So it’s impractical for department stores and brands to stock pre-made shades for every skin tone. So where does this leave us?

Avoid incorrect matching

While testing shades before you buy at the store may seem like a huge bonus, it’s not always the case. You are dealing with a whole lot of issues like having to choose from a limited range of pre-made shades then testing shades under poor conditions (ie incorrect lighting and contaminated tester bottles) and other unreliable methods of color matching that often lead to the wrong shade choice. Unless you and the staff behind the beauty counter are professionally trained in color science, there’s a good chance that you will choose incorrectly each time.

Use Color Technology The only way to wear the right foundation shade is to know what your actual skin color is then have it custom made for you. Easier said than done, right? Well, it is with MY SKIN TONE MATRIX.

Designed by the leaders in color technology and custom cosmetics, this app allows you to purchase “made to order” products that are formulated just for you and measured by color technology to match your skin tone’s digital signature. The result is so natural that your friends won’t even know that you’re wearing makeup.

The app provides a full range of customized healthy skin makeup products like primers, foundations, concealers and contour shades. You can also purchase our Sample Kit to try our foundation and concealer formulas. The kit includes our scientifically engineered Color Card, which is required to complete the scanning process of your skin tone with the app.

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