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Soft Smoky Eyes

A smoky eye is a true classic and we can understand why. It resembles smoke, not a perfect line or one even tone but a sophisticated blend of provocative shades that can be adjusted to suit day or night.

There are many variations on the smoky eye. From very subtle with soft, lighter shades to very dramatic with dark and bold shades. This season a softer version hit the runways where the smoke was kept strictly to the lash line or smudged softly at the outer “V” into subtle wings. With most variations, eyeliner can also be applied at the rims but if you want the eyes to appear big and open, try applying the eyeliner on the lower lash line only but keep it strictly on the outside half of the eye. This really defines the eyes to create an ultra-feminine look.

Our favorite is the soft smoky eye because when using the right shades, a soft smoky eye can capture the light and make your eyes look like you’re sitting over a candle – even during daylight.To help you master a soft smoky eye, it’s important to first go over a few basic rules.

APPLICATION To avoid turning a smoky eye into a messy nightmare, application is key. We have provided a tutorial to create a day to night smoky eye.

STEP 1: PRIME EYES – Apply all over eyelids, from the lash line to the brows with a concealer brush. To avoid clumping allow primer to completely dry before shadow application.

STEP 2: HIGHLIGHTING EYES - With a small shadow brush, apply a light nude shade all over the eyelid from the brow bone to the lash line to create an even base. Pop a little at the inside corners of the eyes to give a more open eye look.

STEP 3: CREATE THE SMOKE – There are two ways to approach this step.

a) Smudged Eyeliner - Apply eyeliner along the upper lash line. Pick up a touch of shadow in the same shade as your eyeliner and smudge from the lash line upwards towards the crease. Apply eyeliner along bottom lash line and smudge down from lash line with smudge brush or dampened cotton tip.

b) Blended Shadow – Pick up a mid-shade or soft shade and start from the outer corners of the eyes, blend inwards slightly above the crease of the eye. Also apply under the lash line at the outer corners only.

STEP 4: LAYERING EFFECT – This step is optional and for those wanting more of a night look. Apply a darker shade across the lash line to the outer corners of your eyes then blend back across the crease of the eye to create a “C” shape. Sweep under your bottom lash line, starting from the outer edge then inwards to stopping at the center of your eyes.

STEP 5: BLEND – With a clean blending brush, blend colors together to create a soft edge between all the colors. TIP: When blending, go from light shades into dark shades to avoid the colors turning muddy.

STEP 6: EYELINER– If you created your smoky eye by smudging eyeliner, you can either line the rims for more definition or keep the line at the lower lash line on the outside half of the eye. This will keep eyes big and open. For those using the layering effect, apply eyeliner across the lash lines stopping at the center for a more defined smoky eye. Diffuse lines using the sponge end for a smoky finish

STEP 7: DEFINED BROWS – Fill in your brows and set them in place.

STEP 8: FLATTERING LASHES – Curl lashes before mascara to create a flattering open-eye effect.

STEP 9: CREATE BALANCE - Balance out this look with a light application of blush to add a delicate flush to the cheeks. We also recommend nude or soft lip color during the day and a stronger shade for the evening.

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