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Whether it’s a winged eye or bold lip trend, 'barely there' foundation seems to be at the base of all makeup looks. Why? Because today’s perception of beauty is to have healthy looking skin that requires little or preferably no makeup at all.

While this sounds fantastic, this is an impossibly high beauty standard to achieve all year round. Even a fresh face, minimalistic look requires some makeup and technique to get us just one step closer to looking like we were naturally gifted with flawless skin. Most of us don’t magically have great skin and need help to achieve it every day. So how do we keep up with today’s ‘flawless skin’ beauty standards?

The trick is to go bespoke and wear foundation and concealer shades that accurately match your natural skin color.

BESPOKE FOUNDATION There are over 9,000 different skin tones in the world and it’s impractical for brands to stock pre-made shades for every skin tone. Yet even with brands increasing their shade range, shopping for foundation still remains a dilemma. This is why bespoke foundation is the best option for those unable to find the right shade.

Bespoke foundation is part of the newest generation of beauty products that focus on individuality. It allows consumers to purchase foundation that is individually adapted or formulated to suit their skin tone and skin type. Some bespoke brands are so technologically advance that they are able to create your foundation from scratch using the latest color formulating technology and scanning devices. When color scanning and formulating technology is used in the bespoke process, the more consistent and accurate your foundation will be at every purchase.

COLOR MATCHING & FORMULATING It’s important to note that color matching and formulating is one of those things that seem simple on the surface, but in reality if it’s done correctly it’s quite scientific and complicated.

The only way to accurately match, formulate and consistently recreate foundation and concealer shades is to use solid color measuring technology and formulating software. Without using color technology in the bespoke process, one is merely guessing skin color and randomly mixing pigments. No matter how experienced you are as a beauty professional, guessing is like using your grandfather’s technology. This is why improving the accuracy of custom blending and matching shades through technology has become a catalyst for future innovations in the beauty industry.

MY SKIN TONE MATRIX Customers use smart technology every day to access beauty products, order groceries, check their health and monitor other lifestyle habits. So the idea of having to book appointments in advance or travel to a store to buy makeup is no longer appealing because it intrudes on their busy lifestyles.

With MY SKIN TONE MATRIX this is a thing of the past. This app is designed to make purchasing bespoke products easily accessible 24/7, convenient and non-intrusive for customers.

Without leaving home you can now purchase “made to order” products that are customized just for you to match your individual skin tone and skin type. The result is so natural that your friends won’t even know that you’re wearing makeup.

No more sifting through pre-made shades. No more “mask like” looks. Each foundation or concealer product is formulated just for you.

How does it work? My Skin Tone Matrix does all the work for you. It uses auto detect features and advance color technology to scan the surface of your skin to identify your skin color, also known as your skin tone’s digital signature. Your digital signature is sent via the app to our custom color lab where products are formulated based on your digital signature and delivered to your door. The app also uses your digital signature to provide a full range of customized healthy skin products like primers, boosts, foundations, concealers and contour shades. If you're not sure which formula is right for you, we provide samples of our foundation and concealer formulas in our Sample Kit. The kit also includes our color card to scan your skin tone anytime, anywhere. Perfect during seasonal changes when you need to switch your foundation.

MY SKIN TONE PRO FORMULATOR Designed with the makeup professional in mind, the app simplifies the color measuring and mixing process to provide more time for the makeup artist to focus on the true art of makeup.

MY SKIN TONE PRO FORMULATOR is the first foundation color formulator available for makeup professionals. It comes with exclusive color measuring technology that is supported by the most extensive skin tone library in the world. This means you can match any skin tone within minutes, which is handy for artists working on a TV spot and the director just wants his/her talent quickly and camera-ready. A twenty-minute makeup job is made a lot easier using this app.

How does it work? The app scans the surface of your client’s skin and has formulating software that tells you exact measurements of pigments to mix. No more guessing and retesting foundation on clients. With this app you save valuable time and it’s completely portable.

Our professional formula kits also help unclutter your makeup case and reduce your costs. Creating and recreating base colors has never been easier and your smart phone now becomes your custom color lab.

The app comes with a demo and other features like a client directory to help you keep track of your clients, organize your client’s color information, before and after photos, details, notes and more.

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