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Travel Makeup Bag

One of the most common mistakes we make when travelling is packing more makeup than you actually need. While it can be difficult selecting your travel makeup, it doesn’t make sense packing your whole makeup kit when you will most likely be spending more time sunbaking, swimming or skiing than on your makeup. The trick is to plan ahead so that you can arrive at your destination looking fresh and remain that way with a well packed travel makeup bag.

KNOW YOUR LIMITS Start with a bag that will only hold your makeup essentials. In other words, make sure you get the most out of the makeup that you pack by choosing multitaskers ie tinted primers that allow you to forgo foundations. Also, match your products to the climate of your destination and make sure you stick to only filling the one bag. This will help you know how much makeup you really need.

MULTI-TASKERS When space is limited, you want your makeup to multi-task. This way, you can bring less but still pull together amazing looks.

So for the tropics try packing lip balms or gloss to protect lips and correcting primers like our AEON COMPLEXION CORRECTING PRIMER. This way you get sun protection while preventing your skin from drying out. It also evens out your skin tone so you can skip foundation in humid weather that really requires your skin to breathe. In really hot climates, we recommend skipping foundation and just applying concealer like MATRIX CONCEALER, which is formulated to accurately match your skin tone, to conceal blemishes. Pack some blotting paper to keep shine away.

For cool climates take a moisturising lipstick, foundation with buildable coverage like STUDIO 6 SHEER MATTE FOUNDATION, which will keep your skin hydrated and allow you to adjust your coverage from sheer to full from day to night. Use MATRIX CONTOUR for natural looking contour.

SHADOW PALETTES While individual shadow compacts store nicely in a big makeup case, they are not travel friendly because they clutter up your travel bag. Choose at least one shadow palette that includes multiple shades because you can create different eye looks without packing too many shadows.

BRIGHT EYES Another mistake we make when travelling is layering on more eye makeup than we actually need. Avoid wearing mascara as it has the tendency to move around especially when stuck in confined spaces or sleeping on planes. Book a lash tint or lash lift or invest in a set of lash extensions before you leave. It's worth it because you don’t have to worry about packing mascara, curling your lashes or fixing racoon eyes while you’re on the go.

The worse thing is seeing yourself later in travel pics looking tired. To look well-rested and bright-eyed, pack eye drops to lubricate and soothe eyes. Cucumber eye pads are also great travelling items. These pre-moistened pads soothe and refresh tired and puffy eyes. These can also be refrigerated prior to travel to further refresh eyes during flight.

If you are worried about dark under eye circles, apply a tiny amount of MATRIX UNDER EYE CONCEALER, which is custom made based on your skin tone so that it will provide almost undetectable coverage while concealing dark areas. Perfect coverage for a "no makeup" look.

If you want to add definition to your eyes especially in the evening, try lining underneath your bottom lash line with one of the dark shadows that you already packed. This lining technique works very well in hot climates because it’s less likely to melt. If you must take an eyeliner with you choose one that is self-sharpening in a neutral shade that works with any look and outfit.

CONTROL OIL AND SHINE To keep oily skin from getting out of control, pack blotting papers and dab the "T" zone as often as necessary without stripping out the natural moisture from your skin. Blotting powder is also handy to keep in your handbag. Just dust on hot spots so you don’t look sweaty.

TRAVEL BRUSHES Packing your full brush collection can take up too much space in your luggage. However, cheap disposable applicators are really not the solution. You don’t want to irritate your skin with makeup tools that you normally wouldn’t use on a daily basis and you still want your makeup application to look flawless. There are amazing travel brush sets that you can purchase from your local chemist or department store before you travel. Travel brush sets should have at least a foundation brush, eyeshadow brush, blush and powder brush. Also, packing some makeup brush wipes will help maintain your brushes between applications when you don’t have access to antibacterial soap.

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