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At EVE Custom Cosmetics, seeing the world through our customers’ eyes has always been our first priority. We have always wanted to provide personalised services to our customers with an engaging experience. So when customers around the globe started asking us how they can access our “tailored for me” services, we had to adapt for the future.

GO 100% DIGITAL OR GO HOME Customers are becoming so familiar with using smart technology to check their health and monitor other lifestyle habits that they are expecting companies like ours to offer digital beauty services that provide something more tangible with a unique shopping experience. It’s no longer sufficient just having a website that is mobile-friendly; beauty brands need to think less about what they can sell online and more about how to digitally engage better with customers. Customers still need the ability to interact digitally with brands; have access to products, the ability to browse, choose and buy them 24/7 and have them delivered fast. However to survive, brands need to find a sweet spot.

SO WHAT IS THE SWEET SPOT? The digital world is a noisy place and beauty brands in particular need to speak up in an environment where customers have full visibility over product pricing, service levels and instant access to alternative offerings on a variety of digital devices. If a customer can’t access something or if buying a product becomes a hassle, they become frustrated and will switch to a competitor in a matter of seconds.

The same applies for service. Whether it’s online or at a brick-and-mortar store, customers still want to feel special. E-tailers that offer sample boxes is one small step towards taking the hassle out of driving to a store to test products. However, is it really enough when the fashion industry has gone further and integrated their face-to-face interaction services into mobile apps that provide a personalized mobile experience that makes their customers feel special?

Beauty brands need to combine the tactile encounter of a physical shop along with the flexibility, convenience and speed that online buying provides or be late to the game.

OUR SWEET SPOT To get closer to our customers to truly serve them better we realised we needed to integrate our “made to order” services into a mobile-first platform that is 100% digital in its truest form. To digitally recreate our personalised service on a global level we had to innovate. This is where our digital beauty apps for iPhone come in. Our apps combine our exclusive colour technology and “made to order” cosmetic services along with the flexibility and fast fulfilment that online buying provides. They blur the line between what is available offline and online into a unified seamless shopping experience.

• 24/7 access to leading custom colour technology • Best-in-class auto-detect features • Browse and Buy “tailored for me” products for your skin tone and skin type • Made-to-order cosmetics delivered directly to your door • Bring an end to mismatched products • No hard sell or appointments required • Unique, fast and convenient • Portable and user-friendly • Access to a dossier of beauty information

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