No matter where you stand on makeup, there’s no denying that everyone likes the idea of being able to purchase products that can be individually adapted or formulated to match their skin tone and individual needs.  

This is why EVE Custom Cosmetics made it a priority to develop a solution that allowed customers access to the newest generation of customized foundation and concealer products. Our aim was to bring an end to the “one size fits all” blanket approach of stereotyping skin color into limited categories of yellow, pink and neutral undertones. Just like fingerprints, every skin tone is different with its own set of needs which change over the various stages of our lives. So it was important for us not to only focus our attention in offering color accurate “made to order” shades but also being able to provide several formulas and a custom product range that achieves perfect skin tone synergy.

Our Made to Order platform allows us to digitally scan each customer’s skin with technology “smart” enough to identify each customer’s skin tone so that we are able to formulate healthy skin products based on their skin tone’s digital signature. No more guessing or long hours spent filling out generic “find your shade” questionnaires on the internet. Our auto-detect scanning and color measuring features located within our beauty apps do all the work for you.

Made to order products allows us to offer customers personalized products that are customized for their skin with better results.