In today’s digital world beauty customers are switched on to the latest in beauty advancements. They want the best that color science has to offer without any inaccuracies or inconsistencies, and they want it to be hassle free and done quickly.

At EVE Custom Cosmetics we have combined the best of offline and online shopping into a hassle free mobile-first platform.  Our custom color beauty app allows customers to interact digitally with us regardless of where they are in the world. It provides immediate access to our color expertise and “made to order” cosmetics without leaving the comfort of your home


With this app you can purchase “made to order” products that are customized just for you and matched to your skin tone’s digital signature. The result is so natural that your friends won’t even know that you’re wearing makeup. This means no more pre-made shades.  No more “mask like” looks.  Each foundation, concealer or contour product is formulated based on a customer’s skin tone and skin type.  The app allows you to purchase a “perfect match” in its truest form. 

My Skin Tone Matrix does all the work for you.  It contains a library of over 9,000 skin tones and uses auto detect features to scan the surface of your skin to identify your skin color, also known as your skin tone’s digital signature.  Using this digital signature, the app creates a skin tone matrix of customized product shades that provide the perfect synergy for almost undetectable coverage.  The app provides a full range of customized healthy skin products like primers, foundations, concealers and contour shades.  It also allows 24/7 access to purchase our sample kit, which includes samples of our foundation formulas and our scientifically engineered color card to measure your skin tone anytime, anywhere.