EVE Custom Cosmetics is a leader in custom color technology and trendsetter in the beauty industry. Our company is made up of professional color experts, ingredient specialists and leaders in color technology to ensure our customers purchase what is exactly right for them, and not what we are simply trying to sell.


We believe in creating perfect skin tone synergy for each customer. Just like fingerprints, every skin tone is different so there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” foundation or concealer shade. So how does one find the perfect fit? The answer is by adapting to the future and using color technology to accurately color match and reproduce shades based on individual skin tones.  

By identifying digital signature codes for individual skin tones we are able to scientifically create a skin tone matrix of “made to order” shades that provide the perfect synergy between your skin tone, foundation and concealer products. The results are amazing and this is why more beauty customers are stepping away from the “pre-made” approach and opting for a more personalized experience that guarantees better results.

Our sole purpose is to offer customers premium "made to order" color cosmetics, 24/7 via a hassle free mobile-first platform. We offer digital beauty apps with easy to use auto detect color measuring features, unlimited access to our color technology and delivery of bespoke products without leaving the comfort of your home. 

At EVE Custom Cosmetics, we also want our customers to continually benefit from our skin loving products. In doing so, we have sourced skin caring ingredients that have been tried, tested and proven successful by other leading brands around the world.